With the EU Referendum in the UK on Thursday 23rd June, exchange rates are likely to be volatile. We’ve been putting plans in place so that your transfers continue to be processed as smoothly as possible. 

So if it’s critical that you send money abroad this week, try to do it early Wednesday, or once the results are out.

To protect our customers, TransferWise Romania will limit GBP transfers later in the week:
  • From 7am (GMT+1) Thursday, you won’t be able to create new transfers from any currency to GBP. 
  • From 6pm on Thursday, you won’t be able to create new transfers from GBP to other currencies. 
  • If you create a GBP transfer and we don’t receive your payment for it by 8pm Thursday, it will be automatically cancelled. 
  • Once the Referendum results are in, we’ll resume everything on Friday.
Also, because the exchange rate is likely to be volatile, some transfers may take longer due to additional trading limits or possible delays in the UK banking system on Thursday or Friday.

TransferWise was founded on fairness. That means doing the right thing, whatever the situation. Rest assured, we’re working hard to continue to offer the service you expect.

The TransferWise Romania 

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