Replacement Remote Control Digi Tv HD Romania - Telecomanda Receptor Satelit TV

Telecomanda pentru receiver satelit compatibila cu urmatoarele modele: 
Digi KAON na1000hd, DIGI KAON na1170hd, DIGI KAON na1400hd, DIGI KAON na1410hd, DIGI KAON na1600hd, DIGILINE ka-003hd, KAON ka-003hd, KAON ka003hd, teloka003hd, telmfy4303, - Telecomanda Receptor Satelit DIGI TV HD RCS-RDS compatible: Kaon KSF-SA700, IR KSF SA710IR, KCFSA700PCO, Dále pro KSF-SA700PIR, KSC660CX, KCF-SA700PCO, KCF-SA700PC0 od UPC,KAON NA1600HD pro DIGI TV kaon zapper hd, KCF-SA 700 PCO. KSC-SA271IR- DIGI KAON NA1000HD, DIGI KAON NA1170HD, DIGI KAON NA1400HD, DIGI KAON NA1410HD, DIGI KAON NA1600HD, DIGILINE KA-003HD, KAON KA-003HD, KAON KA003HD, TELOKA003HD, TELMFY4303,- There are in stock and can be delivered only remote from Figure 2, equivalent key of the first image. Operating distance: about 8m (Depending on the machine for which it is used) Requires batteries: 2 x AAA (R3)- DIAĽKOVÝ OVLÁDAÄŒ KAON NA-1170 DIGI TV- Diaľkový ovládač Digi Kaon HD určený pre zákazníkov služby DIGI SLOVAKIA

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