Full List of Currencies and Prices

TransferWise charges the 'minimum fee' for transfers below or equal to the threshold amount.

Only one percentage fee is charged, they are not combined. Please note that the currency with the higher fee always prevails. eg. The fee for GBP is 0.5% and the fee for IDR is 1.5%. This means that a transfer from GBP to IDR would be charged at the 1.5% fee. 

Fee:FromToMinimum feeThresholdNotes
AUD0.7%0.7%2 AUD*285 AUD**Our minimum fee is lowered on larger amounts for AUD. For more information, see here.
AED-1.5%*11 AED749 AED
BDT-0.7%350 BDT50,000 BDT
BGN0.7%0.7%2.80 BGN400 BGN
BRL2%2%*10 BRL500 BRL
CAD1.2%0.5%4 CAD330 CAD
CHF0.5%0.5%1.5 CHF300 CHF
CNY-1.5%24 CNY1600 CNYWe can only make transfers to CNY from specific countries. See the full list here.
COP-2.5%16,000 COP400,000 COP
CZK0.7%0.7%42 CZK6 000 CZK
DKK0.5%*0.5%10 Kr2 000 Kr*For transfers above 50,000 kr, the fee for the amount above 50,000 is 0.3% only for transfers to GBP, EUR, USD, SEK, and NOK.
EUR0.5%0.5%2 EUR400 EUR
GBP0.5%0.5%2 GBP400 GBP
GEL-1%-500 GEL
HUF0.7%0.7%420 HUF60 000 HUF
IDR-1.5%14,500 IDR1000,000 IDR
INR-0.7%*90 INR18,500 INR*The basic transfer fee for transfers from USD to INR, is 0.9% regardless of the amount.
JPY1.5%0.5%*750 JPY50,000 JPY*Transfers to Japan are processed via SWIFT which carries an additional basic SWIFT fee of 1000 JPY and can be subject to intermediary bank fees.
KRW-1.5%3750 KRW250,000 KRWOur fee is lowered on certain higher payments to KRW which you can see on our KRW page.
LKR-1%150 LKR15,000 LKR
MAD-1.5%30 MAD2 000 MAD
MXN-1.5%32 MXN2130 MXN
MYR-0.7%7.56 MYR1080 MYR
NOK0.5%*0.5%10 Kr2 000 Kr*For transfers above 50,000 kr, the fee on the amount above 50,000 kr is 0.3% for transfers to GBP, EUR, USD, SEK, and DKK only.
NZD0.7%0.7%2.94 NZD420 NZD
PHP-1%145 PHP*14 500 PHP *For transfers from USD the minimum fee is $5
PKR-1%320 PKR32,000 PKR
PLN0.5%0.5%5 PLN1 000 PLN
RON1%1%10 RON1 000 RON
RUB-1.5%200 RUB13,180 RUBDue to EU sanctions, we cannot send RUB to Crimea or Sevastopol.
SEK0.5%*0.5%10 Kr2 000 Kr*For transfers above 50,000 kr, the fee on the amount above 50,000 kr is 0.3% for transfers to GBP, EUR, USD, NOK, and DKK only.
SGD-0.5%1 GBP*Source***Or equivalent in SGD.
**Threshold for SGD is based on the currency you are sending.
THB-1.5%100 THB6,500 THB
TRY-1%6 TRY600 TRY
UAH-2%45 UAH2250 UAH
USD*0.5%***Fees for transfers from USD are calculated slightly differently. For more information, please see our USD specific FAQ here.
ZAR-0.7%*293 ZAR4200 ZAR*Sending to South Africa is via SWIFT and carries an additional fee of 293 ZAR as extra banking charges. See more.

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